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Sexting between adults is usually legal but there are some circumstances where sending nudes or exchanging other sexually explicit content is illegal. Read on to find out about the differences between legal and illegal sexting, and the consequences of committing a sexting crime.

Sexting is the sharing of nude or sexually explicit messages or photos, usually by smartphone or some other electronic device or means. Certain states have laws specific to sexting between minors. But between consenting adults, the private sharing of nude or suggestive photos is generally not illegal.

First, an adult who receives or shares a nude or sexual image of a child under the age of 18 can be charged with possessing or sending child pornography. Some states have enacted defenses against child pornography charges for teens (sometimes including kids up to 19 years old) who engage in sexting, but such defenses don't apply to older adults. For example, one young man was charged with possessing child pornography because he had nude photos on his phone of his 16-year-old live-in girlfriend, who was also the mother of his child.

Second, an adult who sends a nude or sexual photo of him or herself to a child could also be convicted of a crime. In many states, it's illegal to share with children anything obscene or sexual in nature. For example, a school teacher who sends a photo of their genitals to a student could be convicted of disseminating obscenity. (See Pruitt v. State, 272 So.3d 732 (Ala. Ct. App. 2018).

Finally, an adult who shares nude or sexual photos of another adult without their permission, or who sends unwanted sexts to someone could be charged with harassment. Or, they could be sued in civil court for causing emotional distress or other damage. One common scenario is revenge porn, for example, when an ex-boyfriend distributes private nude photos in an effort to get back at his ex-girlfriend.

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Left: Craig Ardolino (Left) and Joe Ardolino (Right)As fate would have it, Joe and I met 37 years ago and marveled that we were both raised by nudist families. I was brought up in a house on a naked beach on the East End of Long Island, while Joe grew up on the opposite fork, where his family would frequent nude beaches in the summer.

McClure's recent posts, however, are significantly more suggestive, some featuring the 20-year-old nude or nearly nude. In January, McClure, shirtless and in boxer briefs, posted a low-angled selfie from behind.

McClure told The Tennessean he did not know McNally when the politician sent him a friend request a couple of years ago. McClure is currently 20, and his Instagram posts changed over the last year into more mature content.

New Jersey is home to one legal nude beach, Gunnison Beach. Found in the Gateway National Recreation Area, this East Coast nude beach is a popular spot all summer long. Cool off with a swim and enjoy the Manhattan skyline right from the beach here. There is even a summer ferry that operates from Gunnison Beach to Manhattan. Due to its popularity, this nude beach gets crowded on weekends in the summer.

No one wants to believe that they will be blackmailed with nude photos. But whether your cloud was hacked, an ex-partner is threatening to release photos you sent them, or a stranger is claiming to have nude images of you, there are several ways you could become a victim of online blackmail.

When a perpetrator obtains nude photos of their victim, one of the most common threats they make is to publish the images online or share them with other people if the victim does not meet their demands. This scenario is referred to as revenge porn, and it is often perpetrated by former romantic partners with a grudge.

Another common scenario is sextortion, which is usually perpetrated by a stranger who tricks you into sharing nude images or videos. The sextortionist then saves the explicit media and threatens to share it with your friends and family unless you pay a ransom.

When a blackmailer threatens to release nude photos of you unless you meet their demands, the psychological effects can be similar to being physically and emotionally abused. Victims of blackmail can experience shame, fear, and even symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The best way to deal with the emotional trauma of being blackmailed with nude photos is to reach out to trusted allies who can help. Beyond reporting the incident to law enforcement and hiring an experienced internet attorney to resolve the situation, you may also want to reach out to professionals that specialize in providing support and resources to victims, such as:

If someone is threatening to release nude photos of you, it is essential to act quickly. We recommend starting by making a report to your local law enforcement and reaching out to an experienced internet attorney.

If the blackmail victim is a minor (or was underage at the time the nude photos were taken), the legal consequences for the blackmailer can be even harsher. You can report any form of child pornography to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and

Some cases of blackmail can be clear-cut, such as when a current or ex-partner threatens to publish nude photos that you gave them consensually. But there are also cases in which online scam artists claim to have filmed you or taken screenshots of your explicit images. In these cases, how do you know if what they are saying is true?

It is easy to panic if you receive an email like this. But if the scammer is not able to send you proof that they have nude images of you, it is possible that they are just trying to scare you into paying them.

In general, it is more plausible that a blackmailer really has your nude images if they are a person you know in real life. However, it is possible for strangers to hack your cloud storage. If a scammer sends you an image that you know you took but never sent to anyone, then it is possible your account was hacked.

One free and easy method for removing nude photos is to report them to the platform where they were posted. Adult content violates the terms of service of sites like Facebook and YouTube, so these platforms should take down this content if you flag it using their reporting pages.

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