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[S1E6] This Is A Life Or Death Situation

That minor issue aside, The Sandman delivers a fantastic episode; a thought provoking, introspective journey into the nature of death and our own attitude and feelings toward that. If the rest of the series keeps up, the second half of this could well make for a fantastic ride.

[S1E6] This is a Life or Death Situation

By murdering Walter, Jenkins frees himself from his corporal form. Once Frank and Mariana leave, lamenting the death of Walter, Jenkins takes possession of the body, and begins a new life, where he will live life to the fullest.

The subplot of Kenny's diarrhea problems came from a real-life high school experience from Stone, who said students used to offer each other $20 if they would pass a note to the teacher explaining they had "explosive diarrhea", like Kenny did in the episode.[2] The image of Kenny sitting on a toilet in "Death" became a popular South Park poster.[1] "Death" included a consistency error in that Mr. Garrison's classroom had its own separate bathroom, which has never again been seen on the show.[3] During one scene, Cartman moons Kyle while making fun of Kyle's mother. Comedy Central censors forced Parker and Stone to remove the image of Cartman's bare bottom, although such images would be allowed in future episodes.[1] A man named Mr. McCormick was killed in "Death" after he was flung via slingshot into the Cartoon Central building. The character's name led many to mistakenly believe it was Kenny's father, Stuart McCormick, but Parker denied this and said the similar character names were just a coincidence.[1] The character appears again very briefly in a later episode, "Starvin' Marvin".

Later in the investigation, it was realized the center of the unsub's shootings is the local hospitals, so he likely works at one of them. He suffers from Hero Syndrome, and as a result, he shoots his victims so he can save them later. He covets the power of life and death and seeks the power of God. Police officers and ER nurses have the exact same shift schedule, meaning the unsub wasn't shooting in-between shifts because there are fewer cops on the street, but because he works on the second-day shift, allowing him to have direct contact with the victims.

Rhaenyra and Co. arrive on Dragonstone while Larys gets an extended voiceover about how children are "a weakness, a folly, a futility" and how "love is a downfall," and how a life unencumbered is the life for him. But the guy's such inveterate creep that I've no confidence he's speaking from a position of authority on the subject of relationships, you know? Like, this is not the guy to be giving that particular TED Talk. 041b061a72

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