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Crew Hair Products Where To Buy

In the noisy world of advertising, there are only a few hair products that stand out for quality. It can be hard to find the right brand that serves your hair type while many promise much but deliver little.

crew hair products where to buy

Don't be a deer in headlights: What follows is a thorough examination of useful men's hair products. Most of them will not apply to you because they're intended to create styles different from yours in hair that's different from yours.

Use the chart below to start the process for you. Do you want your final hairstyle to have a dry finish or a wet shine? A stiff, strong hold or natural and free-flowing? Do you have fine hair? Thick? Curly? Is it short or long? Determining these 4 attributes will practically dictate which products will help you achieve what you're looking for.

Ultimately you need to figure out what works best for your hair and style, and that could be one of these products by itself or a cocktail of two or three products mixed together. Experiment. And have fun with it.

Quicksand is kind of the hair product multi-tool: one part dry shampoo, one part wax, three parts kick ass. For guys with finer or thinning hair, it's more pliable and less sticky than the brand's Claymation featured above. The dry shampoo adds texture and natural-looking volume to combat the weight a normal wax might create. The only downside to using dry shampoo, or products that contain it, is it can be hard to cocktail with other styling products since you're mixing powders and pastes. Primer's founder, Andrew, uses Quicksand quite often.

Reuzel products come from Holland, and the feedback they get is pretty consistent: Excellent performance, not the easiest to wash out. This fiber is especially good for thick hair, adding texture and separation while maintaining hold.

Wondering how to cut your own hair or if it's even possible? Heck yeah it is. Primer's editor and founder did a complete guide and video where he walked through the process with his hair stylist Tiffany.

Cremo cosplays as an old-timey Italian grooming brand when it's really a line of men's products founded in Laguna Beach, California. And it was just acquired by Edgewell Personal Care for over $200 million dollars. Cremo's products are everywhere, propelled to popularity by its convincingly retro aesthetic and its decent quality.

Ah, Axe. The company best known for condensing cologne into a spray can also makes hair style products, shampoos and beyond. Their Clean-Cut Classic Pomade comes in an ice blue color, housed inside a tiny, twist-off tin. Further, this is a water-based, gel-type pomade.

Launched in 1994, American Crew has been leading the way in the men's grooming business, both in the USA and internationally for over a decade. American Crew has been especially designed for men and over the years has grown to develop and perfect products to cope with all hair styles and conditions. It now boasts a comprehensive product range that will benefit any hair type and be a joy to use.

View our Clooney Club range of hair styling products. Designed with barbers and tricologists, our products have a perfect blend of performance and natural benefits for your hair and scalp. 041b061a72

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